Horizontal Drilling Laboratory

Mikrotünel Açma Sondaj ve Zemin Şartlandırma Laboratuvarı

This rig can perform drilling and boring tests up to 1 m in diameter. Cutterhead rotational speed can be varried up to 80 rpm, the power is 132 kw, a thrust of 50 tons may be obtained, and it is possible to apply a lateral force up to 20 tons. Cutterheads and drill bits up to l m in diameter can be tested and the cutting actions of a roadheader or drum shearer can be simulated by moving the rock sample sideways with a hydraulic actuator. Penetration rate, thrust, torque, rotational speed can be measured during testing by a computer based data acquisition system. Any combination of thrust and rotational speed can be set precisely and maintained during testing. This rig enables to test the performance of any type of tri-cone bits, coring bits, reaming bits, the cutting head of small diameter tunnel boring machine, roadheaders and shearers or to help to design a machine to give less fines.

Laboratory Responsible :
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ömür Acaroğlu Ergün