Soil Conditioning Laboratory


In recent years, shielded and earth pressure balanced tunnel boring machines able to balance rock and hydrostatic pressure, thus, capable of providing stability are utilized in order to solve stability problems and undesired deformations in soft formations and excavations in tunnel and mine galleries. In these eqipments, excavated material is conditioned in front and spaces of cutting head and in auger conveyor by mixing with special foams(air+water+foam chemicals+polymers), therefore, the deformations, wearing of cutters and metal assemblings and torc-compressive forces are minimized to increase excavation rate. Accordingly, the design and optimization of the foam used directly affects performance and costs of these equipments. In this laboratory, according to the formation and soil specimens taken from the field, most appropriate foam design is produced by performing several tests.

Laboratory Manager :
Prof. Dr. Hanifi Çopur