Rock Mechanics Tests

Standards below are used in tests to determine physical, mechanical and deformation properties of rock material in our laboratory.
Standards Used
TS 699 TS 2029 TS 8615
TS 2027 TS 2030 TS 8615
TS 2028 TS 8543 TS 2513
TS 1910 TS 706 ASTM D 1883
TS 3814 TS 882 TS 3694
TS 2809 TS 2824
1. Mechanical Property Tests 2. Deformation Tests 3. Physical Property Tests
a) Uniaxial Compressive Strength
b) Indirect Tensile Strength
c) Triaxial Compressive Strength
d) Shear Strength
e) Bending Strength
f) Abrasiveness Index
g) Point Load Strength
h) Shore Hardness 
i) Hardness Index
j) Impact Strength
k) Resistance to Acids
a) Elastic Modulus
b) Poisson's Ratio 
c) Swelling Index
d) Slake-durability Index
a) Specific Bulk Density
b) Density
c) Specific Weight
d) Porosity
e) Water Absorption
f) Compactness Ratio
g) Sonic Velocity